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Welcome to Happy Shacks® Website

..home of the Environmental Achievement Award winning Happy Shack® insulated metal garden and storage shed, backyard studios, cabins, workshops, commercial and agricultural storage structures, and much more.

Happy Shack® Garden Studio Happy Shacks® Inc. is home of the unique award-winning Happy Shack®, the ultimate residential or agricultural storage shed, garden shed, backyard, studio, cabin or workshop, and proud recipient of the Environmental Achievement Award.

Designed and manufactured in Kelowna, B.C., the eco-friendly Happy Shack® is made from panels generated as a by-product of the outside-door manufacturing process. Each insulated panel is a 1¾ inch block of R12 foam insulation sandwiched between primed 28-gauge galvanized metal that Happy Shacks® Inc. re-cycles into the basic building-block of the Happy Shack® product line.

The finished product is a versatile insulated metal structure that is amazingly strong, virtually indestructible, and ideal for residential and commercial storage. It is especially well suited for use in the urban forest-interface zone as the structure is impervious to fire. Whatever use a Happy Shack® structure is put to, it will provide year-after-year maintenance-free service.

Compare the insulated metal Happy Shack® with other garden and storage sheds, and you will be impressed with our quality, creativity and unbeatable value for money.  Available in a range of sizes and attractive styles, the pre-fabricated Happy Shack® can be assembled with only a few tools in a matter of hours. We also arrange delivery and set-up services.

If you do not find a solution to your storage problem in our standard product line, please contact us for a custom designed solution: you will be amazed with our creative ingenuity, just like the door manufacturing industry was when we utilized their by-product by re-cycling it into the Happy Shack® product line.

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